Dessert Of Ramadhan

Sempena Ramadhan ni, saya akan ber’eksperimen’ dengan Koleksi Kuih Talam....Seronok juga buat kuih2 ni...
Once done, akan diagih2kan kepada jiran tetangga, rakan taulan....why? sbb, saya sendiri sekadar mampu makan 1 – 2 potong sahaja..hehehehe...
Bila dah siap dan menjadi..kepuasan yang amat sangat...same goes with baking....hati berbunga2 riang tatkala melihat hasilnya.
So, after this..for those who interested to try my Kuih Talam....sila-silakan yer....
1st day of fasting....Talam Gula Merah
6th day of fasting ....Talam Roti Paun
9th day of fasting ...Talam Labu Berlauk

Seri Muka Pandan

My first attempt. Seri Muka Pandan....not bad hubby said..kalau nak bagi markah, kalau chef 10 markah, mama 6 markah...
It’s ok...first time kan??? Will practice sampai dapat markah 10...

Chocolate Muffin

My first task during Ramadhan. 90pcs Chocolate Muffin for Pre School Students.Order from my neighbour, Kak Zai.
She requested to have muffin every Monday during Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.
Individual pack as to make easier for the teacher to distribute the muffin to the students.

Baked muffin...and some waiting their turn.

Close Up.

Suprise Cake

Surprise cake for Ila’s husband....So sweet...Actually she is my ex officemate & her husband is still my officemate. She requested to have chocolate cake...
I’ve created Teddy figurine, just to convey her message “ I love You”...

Kapkek untuk Opah

25pcs chocolate moist cake for Lily’s MIL.. everything about chocolate...her mother loves chocolate...
Hope her MIL will happy to celebrate her birthday with these cuppies....
And what so lovely family image attached on top of the cuppies....


2 marble cakes requested by good customer....

Twin Brothers – Jazmi & Jazli

Happy 9th Birthday Jazmi & BFF’s children...Alunan Kasih Cake.
2 little yellow angry birds for both of you!

Strawberry Cheese cake

Strawberry requested by Sha’s friend.

Eat me! eat me !

It’s butter cake. Requested by Sha, my ERL buddy. For makan2 at her office...

Red Velvet & it’s Angry Birds Team

Order from Kak Sapinah...special request from her youngest daughter to have Angry Birds theme. Izzah Syazwani turns 7 this year.
And cake flavour is Red usual..with cream cheese frosting. Cuppiesholic hope they will like it. Happy Birthday!!!

BEN 10

Also requested by the same customer, Nerissa.
Cuppiesholic wish Hafiy Nazran, Congratulation on your 6thBirthday & best of luck!

Family of Ultramans

50pcs altogether.....choc moist flavor...variety of colours, taste of cream topping and also ultraman big family.
Due to misunderstanding between the customer & Cuppiesholic, it’s consider as a rush order. So, there was a nite delivery...Customer is always right... huhuhuhuhu
Apologize for all this thing. 

Birthday Cake - Power Puff Girls

For Putri Qalisha, 2nd Birthday. It’s butter cake + Philiphines White Cream.
Celebrated at Bagan Lalang during Geng ERL – BBQ party....

Engagement Cuppies – Azure Blue

Order from my ex office mate, Bullah for his sister’s engagement Ceremony.
Blue theme as requested. 16pcs cuppies + Orange flavour..

Engagement – Flower Garden

Cuppies for Hantaran. Requested from somebody whom I met at Karnival jualan Surau An Nur..
Tq Balquish...

Arsenal Cake for a diehard Fan

Chocolate + orange cake...with Arsenal theme..just for Kimi for celebrating his 8thBirthday this year...
TQ Rose.

Farewell Cake

Good bye my frenz...Kak Anis...Good Luck on your new job! Be a fully housewife after 15 years at  STMB.....
A good decision made...If I have a choice, I want to be like you too...but maybe a fully baker..hehehehe
Chocolate moist cake + special light cream.
My daily chores and no more underwriting job..hehehehe

Chunky Prune

Richness of prune in delightful cake..TQ Kak Hassina.