50pcs cuppies. Mix of chocolate & orange flavor. Topping with buttercream+jelly+edible BEN 10 image. Special dedication to birthday boy "ADAM". This time order is from Kinah's officemate. I hope she'll enjoy with a loved one (Adam) & experience sweet satisfaction, the one & only from Cuppiesholic!

25pcs chocoberry cuppies with Lightning McQueen character. From the famous cartoon-CARS.. A challenge for me to make a car replica, 4pcs altogether.. Nevertheless, endurance & curiosity+creativity helps me lots.. Alhamdulillah! Rayyan, Ridzuan's son like it!

"Hijau Retro" as requested.. 15pcs chocolate oreo+buttercream+jelly+gummies.. Such a lovely green cuppies for Juliana on her birthday.. Special appearance of sweetie frog gummies on the cuppies.. he he he. Thank you Kinah, the gud customer cum promoter..

Repetitive order. This time is from Kak Baiyah (En. Ku's wife) for her staff who are leaving.. As a Farewell Gift. 6pcs orange fruity flavor.. topping with buttercream+fresh strawberry+jelly. Hope this gift will ties their relationship 4eva!
Again.. from bucuk Pekza.. he he he.. 15pcs + 12pcs + 6pcs cuppies.. Mix of chocolate & orange fruity flavor!
Joyful & sparkling cuppies for her cousins..
Simple decorative cuppies. Simple but adorable.. he he he
6pcs.. of course for Pekza & his brother.. mesti nak makan dalam keta nih! on the way balik kampung..

Eat me! Eat me! he he he.. 6pcs of chocolate flavor with variety of filling.. walnut, oreo crunch & strawberry.. Topping with buttercream+fresh strawberry (Korean Strawberry which is famous now)+lips gummies.. Hope En. Ku feel lickin' good! Enjoy eating..

25pcs Chocolate cuppies with crushed oreos inside. Combination of purple, orange & cream colours.. Dedication deeply from En. Ku Yussof's heart to his beloved wife. Though it is belated, but I believed it's means a lot to his wife.. Happy Belated Birthday Kak Baiyah & many happy returns from Cuppiesholic..

12pcs Chocolate Oreo flavor+buttercream+gumpaste.. Happy Birthday to Maureen, Kak Shida ex-boss.. hope this cuppies will represent million of thought & remembrance to her ex-boss..

12pcs Chocoberry flavor+buttercream+gumpaste.. Blue theme cuppies ordered by Kak Shida-ERL Hot Team to his officemate. Happy Birthday Azah from Cuppiesholic!

Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun kelahiran Abah yang ke-62.. Moga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki.. Orange Fruity Cake dedicated to my beloved father with ocean theme.. Laut & Abah tak boleh dipisahkan.. since my childhood till today his hobby never last.. & becoz of his hobby also we enjoy eating seafood.. fresh prawn, crabs, sembilang, kepah, gayam, lala.. u just name it.. he he he.. Alhamdulillah, Abah enjoy his cake & of course.. satisfaction 4 me!

50pcs vanilla cuppies+buttercream ordered by Qariah Surau Kantan Permai for Mesyuarat AJK Surau 2011.. 25pcs dwi color frosting as my 1st trial.. using white & blue cream.. just nice.. & another 25pcs are combination of buttercream & choc ganache

Farewell Cuppies dedicated to Kak Rozy.. It's chocoberry flavor+choc ganache+buttercream+gumpaste.. 12pcs altogether.. 7 years knowing u & hope our frenship remains 4eva.. alwiz remember me huh! Pray 4 ur success & Gud Luck! Happy working at ur new office soon!