freshly baked from my little oven.. finally.. my roti sosej & blueberry bun done! i really enjoy to bake this roti.. my heroes & hubby like it! here we go.. coming soon, there will be another roti.. with special recipe..
Last Saturday.. last minute as buah tangan to Kak Yong.. majlis aqiqah Aina Dania, her daughter
Hari Raya 'Eiduladha's cake..
"For those who have a small budget... a simple cuppies with a simple deco... Cuppiesholic will realize ur small budget... 15 pcs, only for RM23 !!!

my 1st trial.. haha.. fancy cookies as requested by Kak Zura. Next time, promise! there will be an improvement

45 pcs altogether, actually only at 5pm last friday my big boss requested the cuppies. 'buah tangan' for her relatives. vanilla & chocolate flavor with simple deco. i hope she likes it, tq mem besaq!