Twin Cake.. Sama Tapi Tak Serupa

Mmmm...My rectangular cake...It looks same when coated...but different flavour inside..half is choc fudge and another half is prosperity blueberry flavour. I got the idea, when Kak Anis said that her husband can’t eat chocolate, but she like chocolate very be fair, both can eat when my cake consist of 2 different flavours...This cake is for makan2 among her family members to celebrate her brother in law’s wedding....Selamat Pengantin Baru from Cuppiesholic!

Last Minutes Cuppies

25pcs of last minutes cuppies...choc Fudge flavour..2nd Order from Actuary Dept for their Birthday Party...


“ Small cake but momentous”. Happy Anniversary Kak Shida from Cuppiesholic! Just a Mini chocolate cake + buttercream & choc ganache.

Email from Kak Shida : TQ Na…comel & sedap betul bau cake tu..bau vanilla ..member tnya ice cream cake ke?

Gubahan Kasih

2 sets of Hantaran on Hantaran. Pink & Green theme…These cuppies will have a long journey to Kelantan….24 pcs chocolate cuppies + vanilla fondant topping…Semoga selamat sampai ke destinasi…Handle with care! He he he he…..Selamat Pengantin Baru from Cuppiesholic!

Email from Kak Shida : Ramai puji awak punya cuppies tu…creative gitu!

Blueberry vs Strawberry

Tartlets prepared for my sis in law’s Birthday bash last Saturday....Unfortunately, tidak kesampaian.....We are rushed to HTAR to visit my uncle. He passed away, just an hour after my visit...Al fatihah. Nevertheless, we just bring my ‘ present’ on the next day......Alhamdulillah..everybody is enjoy eating my tartlets....

Terima Kasih Guru

Repeat order from Kak Ju...1kg+++ Chocolate cake + choc ganache topping...This cake is dedication from Anis Shafinaz & Anis Shafiqa to their teachers at SMKB...HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY from Cuppiesholic!


50pcs Blueberry Cheese Tarts requested by Cik Pah....

Red Velvet Time!

Baking for Red Velvet Lovers last chaiyuk2...Success at 11.30pm....12pcs Red Velvet + Cream Cheese cuppies for celebrating Birthday – Kak Bi’s sister....

Mini Red Velvet Cuppies

This is a special request. Mini Red Velvet Cuppies. 78pcs altogether....

Red Velvet

12pcs altogether. Red Velvet + cream cheese frosting dedicated to Mother-to-be i.e Pekza's housemate. Glad to have somebody like Pekza. A very good buddy & a loyal customer of Cuppiesholic of course!

Every day is a Mother's Day

Selamat Hari Ibu for Mak Don & Mak Mah…Red Velvet cake + fondant topping requested by Kak Shida for her mom & her sister’s mother in law… Ada orang kata, everyday is a Mother’s Day, but not every day we able to give them cake, right? Just a moment for a joyful sharing..

Chocolate Sumptuousness

Very the choco…..1/2kg chocolate fudge cake + choc ganache filing……and topping with bittersweet chocolate + chocolate grated. On top, 4pcs almond white chocolate for each family member…En Ku, Kak Baiyah, abang & adik…cukuplah noooo…he he he…Happy eating!

April Celebration..

Happy Birthday my beloved sisters..Yong, Nyah & also my nephew Fawwaz.. We had celebrated their Birthday at Bagan Lalang….I’m so glad to arrange this family gathering and having some fun with my beloved family,parents,siblings, in- laws dan anak2 penakan sume..termasuklah si kecik Amanda yg kiut miut….Memang riuh rendah…..Ok..kek ni…Chocolate & vanilla flavor filling with oreo crunch… this is for April Birthday Gurl & Boy…I just put No.4 on top of the cake using fondant & buttercream grass….deco with various type of jellies, chocolate, candies as I bet that bebudak sume mesti merebut the accessories tu…nina nak baby tuu..kimi nak jelly tau…kakak nak handbag,lappy…dan mcm2 laaaa…..Conclusionnya…I’m very happy..berbaloi jugak aku menceburi bidang ni… least, setakat Birthday, bertunang,kahwin sedara mara..dah boleh buat sendiri...

Selamat Pengantin Baru

My 1st novelty wedding cake.. actually this combination of colour is my husband's idea.. i just follow.. and it's so nice & look elegant once done.. i hope that Pah will happy with this cake.. this is a prosperity blueberry cake.. mmmmm.. aku plak yg terasa-rasa nak mkn kek ni masa nak deco.. tapi takde balance.. hu hu hu