Gift of Love from Kinah to her hubby.. having an awesome birthday present with 6 pcs Chocolate Oreo Crunch - crushed Oreos inside.. and dark chocolate richness. Topping with buttercream+strawberries+grated of dark chocolate.. pray 4 ur happiness marriage ever after..
My new customer, Kak Jem.. 6 pcs of Chocolate Oreo Crunch.. tq

25 pcs blueberry prosperity flavour. Delight in these sinfully delicious cupcakes. Hopefully this surprise order from Ejoy to his beloved wife will tie their love forever. Happy Birthday from Cuppiesholic!
After the whole nite ‘war’ with excitement, creativity and the most important a patience..taraaaaaa…I managed to complete 3 orders from a different buyers..different theme….different flavor…..Soo tired & sleepy but it’s gone after perceive the outcome…Satisfaction ever!
It's vanilla+honey dew filling+buttercream. Dedicated to Sis Halimah 4 her birthday.. ordered by Cif - my husband officemate.. mmm.. Happy celebrating ur party this Saturday!

And not forget 30 pcs vanilla cuppies+buttercream 4 their family members & guests.. actually i really like the sweet colour.. go well with combination of beige & light orange. Hope they're like too.. Happy Birthday & enjoy eating! thank you Cif..
My loyal customer Faiza.. she requested 18 pcs vanilla+buttercream+fondant cuppies. Again with garden theme.. only at 1.30am, i started to create the fondant & special creature..snails (don't worry..halal JAKIM nih)..pakwe & makwe together in Faiza's fairy tale..he he he
18 pcs chocolate fudge+buttercream cuppies another order from Faiza.. she want to celebrate with her family members this weekend.. repeated design as requested by her.. maybe she loves this design kottt...

6 pcs chocolate fudge+buttercream+fondant-L size. Attached with special fresh strawberry..(segar dari ladang!) to complete the cute..(angkat bakul sendiri..he he he) with 6 names attached on the cuppies, i guess Kak Yati will have special gathering with her frens this weekend..happy friendship!
Oreo Crunch-Crush Oreo inside.. and blend with dark chocolate & walnut pleasure ordered by Abg Saleh & Kak Bi.. my best frens cum my cake tester.. tq
Special Brownies Walnut Oreo made for my dearie Hubby.Happy Birthday Darling! Luv U So Much! My arjuna Hafiy happy eating teddy bear head...ish..ish
Close up!

Sunflower greeting for Pakcik Bakar's guests..Ayah & Ibu's neighbour...32 pcs Pandan Choco Rice....Gladly to hear that the guests love it!

Tq Kak Shida.. such a good fren, again she ordered 4 her officemate's birthday.. no theme.. but i decide to make a simple deco but meaningfull.. the same flavor as earlier.. maybe the signature of the flavor will describe everything.. "Romantica Red Velvet.. You Will Love Me 4eva".. I hope so! tq again Kak Shida 4 supporting me..
As a token of appreciation to my staff.. tq 4 helping me all the while.. happy birthday Yana! May Allah Bless You..

As Kak Shida-ERL said.. "freely to deco the cuppies". Yes, this time just thinking of a cheerful theme.. clouds.. colourful rainbow & vivid sunflower explains everything.. I hope Kak Shida & her fren are satisfied with these 12 pcs Romantica Red Velvet flavor.. pray 4 u guys, may ur frenship remains 4eva.. happy birthday Eeta!

Welcoming Cuppies prepared 4 ayah & ibu..Welcome Home Haji Ahmad Khidzar & Hajjah Laily Rozita :)

yum..yum..delicious mini pizza..topping with special beef curry & chicken sosej..what more??? tunggguuuuuuuuu.....
2nd order from Kinah..twice in a same week..he..he..tq! tq! buah tangan 4 her nephews & niece..this time, Kinah asked 4 "kanak-kanak riang" as a theme. 15 pcs-strawberry flavor. i hope the children will enjoy every single bite..
2 complimentary cute fondant teddies especially 4 Kinah..terima kasih daun keladi.. :)
last minute order from my ex-schoolmate, Kasma. she live at Lahat, Ipoh..12 pcs-L size-chocolate cuppies 4 her fren's engagement. nasib baik, this weekend my hubby is going to visit his cousin at ipoh. Dapatlah i fulfill my fren's order. thanx dearie 4 the delivery..and thanx Khas, 4 appreciating my baking art..
12 pcs of chocolate cuppies. i have decided to decorate the cuppies with garden theme..special bees, tulips & butterflies with sweet jelly dedicated to sweet Pekza..hope ur family will like it!

Try the different... wishing for Puan Z with a special Beef Pie. Happy Birthday!

A special dedication to one of my 'ERL Hot Team'-Kinah for her 4th anniversary. As requested, Bunga-Bunga Chinta theme presented to her. I hope she will like it...