Hantaran on Hantaran

12pcs Red Velvet Cuppies for Majlis Pertunangan. Theme of hantaran on hantaran.. deco with buttercream+miniature of hantaran replica by sugar paste.. Mmmmm.. memang dah lama pendam nak buat tema hantaran nih.. akhirnya tercapai jua.. and the result, not bad huh? Tq Kak Ain for trusting me..

Roses for Vantage lover..

Tq Kak Shida.. 12pcs Red Velvet cuppies+buttercream+sugar paste roses.. Actually she requested to have something special for her officemate's farewell.. Her frenz likes Vantage so much.. so, roses theme is most suitable.. he he he.. jenuh.. sampai tersengguk2 membuat roses.. but i likeeeeee!

Supreme Cuppies Again

Following order from Nadiah.. 6pcs L size Premium Cuppies+buttercream+Cadbury bar+white chocolate chips.. Splendid cuppies from Cuppiesholic.. Tq

Shafiyyah is 2..

25pcs chocoberry flavor+strawberry filling inside topping with buttercream & fondant.. Actually my customer had placed his order 2 months before.. He said "Order awal2 senang sebab ape2 hal, order aku mesti ko buat dulu nanti kan.. hehehehe..". This is 2nd order from Wan. This is for his daughter's birthday. Requested to have pink theme, butterflies and Upin & Ipin character as well.. I hope the outcome will give satisfaction & enjoyment to Shafiyyah & his family.. Happy Birthday from Cuppiesholic!

Cuppiesholic New Project!

This is our new project.. We offer u 4 packages to celebrate ur beloved children Birthday Party.. From superior package to budget package.. No rush, no need to prepare.. we will provide to u all ur needs.. We promise to serve u better! For those who are interested.. Please lets us know & give 1 week notification for ur order.. Cuppiesholic promise to serve u better!

Romantica Red Velvet

12pcs red velvet cuppies+cream cheese to lets ur mouth watering.. yummy.. yummy.. Tq Kak Ain

Cuppiesholic Best Selling of the Month

Kak Ain also requested to try Best Selling of the Month.. As usual 6pcs L chocolate moist cuppies+strawberry+Cadbury bar+grated chocolate. Happy eating!
12psc chocolate cuppies+buttercream+chocolate grated & Cadbury bar.. my best selling.. he he he.. for Kak Shikin..
12psc orange fruity cuppies+buttercream+fresh strawberry. My premium order from Kak Shikin.. Terima kasih daun keladi..
1/2kg Orange Fruity Cake for Kinah.. OMG! Upon delivery.. my strawberry filling on top of the cake dah keluar drpd kawahnya.. hu hu hu.. sorry Kinah, ur cake was not stunning anymore.. But, dare to promise that, the taste still sustain as it is.. he he he.. However, i still upset becoz I failed to carry the cake warily.. more careful next time huh!
Today is Sunday.. so boring.. I don't know what to do?? Haaa.. let's try cheese tart.. Mmmm.. quite easy to make this tart.. he he he.. how it tastes? Sooooo good.. said my eldest son, Fahim..
This is a rush order from Man, my ERL team.. he called me on Thursday evening & requested to prepare a 2kg cake for his office potluck tomorrow morning. He he he.. rushing back from office.. while in the train thinking of the flavor, decoration, colour, so far so on.. though this is unplanned order, I must make sure my cake will impress my customer & it tastes good.. taraaa.. cantik tak???

Again.. my premium order. 12pcs Vanilla+strawberry filling cuppies. 6pcs beautification with fresh strawberry & grated chocolate & 6pcs with Cadbury chocolate & chocolate emulco sauce.. he he he.. the truth is I don't have enuff strawberry stock in my fridge anymore.. I hope that En. Ku will approve..

This order is from Nadiah for his son "Naufal Firdaus".. Will celebrating his 9th birthday with his frens at the school.. As usual, BEN 10 theme for Birthday Boy.. 25pcs chocolate flavor+25pcs vanilla flavor.. topping with buttercream+piping jelly.. Terima kasih daun keladi.. bila2 order lagi.. he he he

Finally done! Having difficulties at the beginning.. my supplier failed to complete my edible image order.. memang geram! Fortunately, once of my baker frens provide the service.. so.. main terjah je.. considered rush order.. Luckily no additional fee being charged. I baked chocolate moist cake as requested by Hasbullah.. layered with chocolate cream inside+Spongebob Squarepants character. This cake is for his daughter, Fiona.. will celebrate her 3rd birthday this weekend probably.. Happy Birthday Fiona!
6pcs L Cuppies.. consist of 3pcs orange+3pcs red velvet flavor.. Again, this is 5th order repeated design.. personally i don't really like to do similar design so many times.. cepat boring.. he he he.. so the basic is the same.. but the decoration is little bit different. On the other hand, this design is prominent order so far.. maybe becoz it's look sumptuousness.. So, start from today i declared this is my premium orders..
Taraaaaaaaaa... Baywatch time! Specially for Linda.. Janji tetap janji.. Pastiku kotakan.. he he he

50pcs altogether.. mix of Red Velvet & Orange Cuppies.. Purple theme as requested. 25pcs for Ku Akmal Farhana & Ahmad Redzuan and 25pcs for Ku Muhd Hasbullah & Rafidah.. Jalan jauh cuppies i.. sampai ke Alor Setar.. Wedding gift from Pak penakan En. Ku Yussof.. Selamat Pengantin Baru nooooo..
15pcs Red Velvet & Orange+buttercream.. again from En. Ku.. simple deco.. but taste never lets you upset.. he he he
Prosperity of 6pcs Romantica Red Velvet flavor.. Dedicated to Ku Aqilah from Papa (Ku Yussof).. "Romantic bite.. you'll love me forever.." This is how the flavor describes..

Black & White Theme.. Wedding gift for En. Ismail & Kak Jah Lasa, our neighbour.. 12pcs Vanilla cuppies represented our deeply sorry becoz unable to attend his daughter's wedding last saturday.. Clashed with our kenduri at my hometown.. Selamat Pengantin Baru Amira & Hairol from Cuppiesholic!

It's ur 6th Birthday Princess Raihana Yasmin! 25pcs mix of chocoberry+choc oreo.. Garnishing with princess accessories.. white & pinkish colour theme.. pleasures for a sweet birthday girl. Happy celebrating with ur loved ones & cheers for every single bites.. Thank you Nik Anum!