Chocolate Walnut Indulgence for Kak Bi.. this is 2nd order from her.. probably she is a walnut lover.. 2 cakes, 1/2 kg for each.. Actually i supposed to give on last Wednesday but due to my health condition.. postponed to this Friday.. he he he
To my loyal customer, Pekza.. 6pcs choc cuppies+buttercream (L size) Though i'm in the bad situation.. having fever, flu & cough at the same time.. almost 2 weeks.. i managed to complete my task.. minat mengatasi segalanya.. it seem my therapy anyway..

An interesting theme to do once in a while. Flora & Fauna theme.. she must be someone who loves nature & mother earth anyway, hope she approves the design. 25pcs cuppies+buttercream+piping jelly+gumpaste. Orange Twist flavor.. so orange.. feel eating an orange. Happy Birthday Sakinah & Roslina from Cuppiesholic!

Welcome to our family! Nor Qalesya Amanda.. 15pcs blueberry delight cuppies+buttercream+gumpaste font. Sweet pinkish 4 my little sweet princess.. celebrating her majlis cukur jambul last weekend

Blueberry time! 6pcs blueberry delight cuppies+buttercream+gumpaste.. Appreciation gift 4 his staff & he said to promote my homemade cuppies at his office.. Wah! Terharu.. tq Man (again.. a member from ERL Hot Team) tq 4 ur support!

It's choc+buttercream+strawberry cuppies - 9pcs order from Yus, my ERL Hot Team. Actually she want to give the 6pcs cuppies to her Boss's daughter, Yasmin for her 8As achievement in PMR 2010.. Congrats Yasmin & u ought to have the gift! Anak buah yg baik Yus nih! J...
and.. not forget of 3pcs for Yus & family.. happy eating guys!

For makan2 cum tester for my ERL Hot Team & my officemates.. enjoy!

Hafiy is 2! 01.01.2011.. New Year's Baby! Celebrating his birthday with his cousins.. I baked orange+chocolate cake & decorated with 2 fondant naughty cats, fishes & jelly on his cake.. As a mum, i'm very eager to bake this cake to make my arjuna Hafiy glad & happy on his 2nd birthday.. After this, i have to wait another 7 months to make a remarkable cake dedicated to my eldest son Fahim.. (mmm.. nak buat karektor pe lak ye pasni??)
A simple chocolate cake+buttercream for Ida.. her daughter Zura & her son Abg Ngah.. celebrate together as their birthday are the same month, December. This cake actually requested by Mak as a surprise gift to Ida & her children.. Ida is my neighbour at my hometown & she's very close with my Mum..

Last week order from Suzy b4 we went back to our hometown. School opening just around the corner, than we only have a chance to balik kampung.. poor my heroes.. Actually this is a gift from Adam, Suzy's son to his babysitter that he called Mama. 25pcs vanilla+buttercream+piping jelly. Hope Adam expressions "Luv You Mama" will remains in his babysitter's heart 4eva..