World of Chocolate

Chocolate ohh chocolate ! Variation of chocolates in 30pcs of walnut indulgence cuppies.. walllaaa.. it's chocolate flavor with walnut.. topping with scrumptious choc ganache+buttercream chocolate.. deco with Cadbury chocolate bar.. and also 2pcs white almond choc.. hu hu hu.. this order is from Actuary Dept. to celebrate Mr. Jeff.. happy celebrating guys! I hope uols enjoyyyyy!!! Again tq Kak Bi..

Feedback from my customer thru Kak Bi :
sedapnyer cupcakes tu.. ada yg puji cantik & sedap.. ada yg siap request utk besday dia nanti..

Duo Celebration..

This order is from Safanijwi.. a fren of Kak Bi.. she decided to have duo celebration with her sister to celebrate their children.. a portion for Imani Batrisyia & another portion for Athif Darwisy.. So, in my mind.. what if I using 2 separate colours & separate cartoon theme for both of them.. taraaa.. it's look nice huh? BEN 10 for Athif Darwisy & Barbie for Imani.. Oh ya.. it's 2kg Chocolate Oreo Crunch+buttercream+sugar paste..

Comment from my customer :
Cantikkkkkk.. rase tak sabar nak potong!

Durian Cake - D24

Durian fever.. habis durian pun aku buat flavor kek.. nyum.. nyum.. Last Monday I bought 2 durians which cost rm37. Nak makan beli le jugak.. But, not bad.. so scrumptious, so tasty my durian cake.. it's pure durian taste.. almaklumlah.. D24.. To all my durian lovers.. sementara musim durian nih.. klu nak order kek durian boleh lah.. he he he

Ben 10 in the house

This rush order came from Kak Liza Safura.. my new customer.. 12pcs choc cuppies+buttercream+Ben 10 image+jelly+fondant.. Tq Kak Liza

Premium Order - Walnut Indulgence

6pcs L size - Walnut indulgence cuppies ordered by Kak Bi for her officemate.. as a gift for Birthday Girl..

Gift for My Promoters

Thanx guys.. Kak Zura, Kak Shida, Kak Sadiah, Kak Bi, Man & Kinah (unluckily both of u are not around.. so ur potion Kak Zura & Kak Shida amik tau..) for being supportive frens cum my promoters.. just a small token - walnut indulgence+cream cheese & blueberry.. Happy eating!

Blueberry Cheese Sandwich Cake

Scrumptious blueberry cheese cake, I bet u.. ermmm.. yummy! I baked this chocolate cake layered with cream cheese & blueberry filling. Delightful appearance from Cuppiesholic.. And the best part is our signature on top of the blueberry topping.. yuhuuuuu.. (sign autograph le kononnyer..) Kak Ain, thanx for trusting me!

Lovely Cake for a Loving Couple..

This special order is from Kak Ju.. one of my Geng ERL for her 23rd Anniversary.. Happy Anniversary Kak Ju & Abg Din (Romantic Couple).. It's chocolate cake layered with cream cheese+buttercream+fondant covered.. i named it "Pelangi Cinta".. chewwaah! & also additional 15pcs orange fruity cuppies, haa.. yg ni "Bunga2 Cinta".. Received comment from Kak Ju in her FB yesterday "Ina, anak2 Kak Ju puji kek ni sedap & cantik.. kalah kek pengantin".. berbunganya hatiku mendengar komen yg membina.. Alhamdulillah..


Another 15pcs walnut indulgence+buttercream. Personally.. i love the green mint colour.. looks like mint ice cream flavor..

Pale cuppies..

Rush to finish all the task.. no theme.. so simple.. but not bad :).. 15pcs walnut indulgence+buttercream requested by Kak Bi for her family gathering..


12pcs choc cuppies+buttercream+choc grated+jelly for Faiza.. no theme.. just for makan2.. my cuppies will travel again to JB. Bon voyage from Cuppiesholic..

Cadbury oh Cadbury..

6pcs+6pcs premium order requested by different buyer.. 1 from Nadiah & 1 from Faiza.. I decided to have some deco for both order.. so sad.. my hubby went to 3 hypermarket.. but no stock for strawberry.. so.. Cadbury bar is the solution.. I hope they will happy too.. and enjoy eating our chocolate cuppies..

Feel like eating an orange

15pcs orange cuppies+buttercream.. Kak Bi favourite.. it goes same to me.. he he he.. once baked.. a cuppy for me.. freshly goes to my mouth.. yummyyy..

Friendship Roses..

15pcs Red Velvet cuppies+buttercream for Kak Bi.. Tq

Geng ERL-Family Day 2011

Alhamdulillah.. Our 1st Family Day Geng ERL 2011.. success! And taraaa.. our cake specially design for our event.. Keenly to bake & decorate this cake.. 36pcs chocolate cuppies+topping with fondant & jelly.. Enjoy!!! and everybody are supportive enough including para2 suami.. mmg best arr uols!